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Horse Racing Software

Horse racing has always been a very profitable component of the bookmaker’s product mix, but until now its labor intensive nature has made it a challenge to implement successfully. Thanks to the advent and growth of the Pay Per Head industry that has changed once and for all—now it’s possible to offer your bookmaking clients a full horse racing service wagering platform with the same ease as offering sports betting.

For the bookie, managing a horse racing Pay Per Head platform is very similar to its sports betting counterpart. All you need to do is log in to your administration interface where you update information on clients, re-activate or suspend accounts, modify credit limits, etc. You can also change the type of odds and payouts available to clients, change other betting options, grade horse races and get current profit/loss statements for all clients.

The horse betting platform has been designed from the ground up for ease of use for your players while providing comprehensive financial reporting and administrative control for you. There’s a reason state and local governments have always offered horse racing—it’s a very popular betting discipline and the high takeout percentage makes it a very profitable one. With the right Price-Per-Head tools, providing horse racing betting for your clients is just as easy—and lucrative—as offering sports betting.

If you’ve always thought that horse racing was just too complicated to deal with as a bookmaker, you owe it to yourself to check out just how easy it can be. For the first time you can offer horse racing betting options to your clients giving you another source of profits with minimal additional work.